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"We are all Nomads. On our journey called life.""

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Hi there, I’m Tanja!

I am an Abu Dhabi based certified yoga teacher, originally from Austria, who specialises in Sound Healing, Yin & Vinyasa Yoga, I am passionate about sharing my love for yoga with others, I treasure real human connections, sunrises & sunsets, bonfires at the beach, desert camping under the stars,  deep conversations that last into the night,  and all those in-between moments. 

Yoga has been part of my life for more than four years & my practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible & fearless, both on & off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully & regular practice has helped me to overcome my fair share of depressions, heartbreak & self-doubt. Through yoga, I have discovered & learnt to reconnect, feel & listen to the inner me &, above all,


I discovered Yoga relatively "late" in life & was 36 when I took my first every private yoga session. Today, at 41, I can't thank my earliest teacher enough for motivating me over & over again to step onto that mat, & to consistently take care of my

body & mind. 

When I am not doing yoga, I love spending time with my partner & friends, exploring new places, experimenting with vegan recipes & working on exciting new products for my home-based skincare line - Roots Organic Skincare. 

Why did I became a yoga teacher? Yoga has been an incredible healing and empowering force in my life. To be able to share it with others, in the hope that they will benefit from the same sense of healing and empowerment that changed my life, is an incredible gift. 

I completed my 200 hours' Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training at Himalayan Yoga Bliss in Darjeeling, India, and my 100 hours' Yoga Alliance certified Yin Yoga Teacher Training at Bodytree Studio in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  

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Yin Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga


Vinyasa Yoga is steady-paced yoga class, which emphases moving with the breath and improving physical strength. Every class is designed and sequenced to your level of experience and needs. A class typically includes pranayama (controlling of breath exercise), sun salutations, balancing, backbends, forward bends, some inversions and meditation.  Grab a mat and get started today on YOUR JOURNEY!

Yin Yoga 


Yin Yoga uses gently long-held postures which are practiced with an attitude of compassionate acceptance to awaken the more Yin parts of our physical, emotional and spiritual selves. By releasing and promoting the flow of energy (Qi) through the energy channels (meridians) of our deep Yin core, we can help bring health to our bodies and balance to our busy Yang-style lives.  Yin yoga is a beautiful practice that helps us heal both heart and mind. It allows us time to sit within ourselves, to just be still, and to notice what our body and mind are telling us. 

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Sound Therapy Massage 


During a 60 minute sound massage, therapeutic singing bowls are positioned with care on the dressed body (front & back) to allow the healing sound & vibrations of the bowls to be absorbed by the body, mind & spirit. The sound frequencies activate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest) allowing a deep state of relaxation, making it possible for you to let go and release stress, anxiety, worry, doubt and any negative thought patterns. You are induced into a deep meditative state though sound & energy vibration, which enables you to become completely receptive to healing, even at a cellular level. 

Bedu Space
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Bedu Space

Welcome to The BeduSpace!


The Bedu Space is a peaceful home-based yoga studio, a sanctuary where you can feel comfortable to be your self & practice yoga in a quiet calm space that is almost like being at home.

It is a sacred space for those who need a place to practice, find friendship and support in their yoga journey

Bedu Space offers healing workshops, private & group classes that are gentle, restorative & small in size. You don't need to be flexible or strong or experienced - everyone is welcomed!


June 2020 


Your BeduJourney

Ready to step on your mat and begin Your Journey?

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I totally get it. 

To start Yoga can be intimidating.

But Yoga is for everyone.

Anyone can practice yoga.

If you can breathe. you can do yoga.


Your Journey



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Abu Dhabi, UAE


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